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About Tech-Com

Vision & Mission

Techcom's philosophy encompasses that selling the product is not the end; in fact it is just the beginning of a long and gratifying relationship with the consumers. The Techcom family is committed to this philosophy and takes care to provide the best service to its customers - irrespective of whether before or after sales.

The motto of Techcom is to continuously provide its customers with the best quality of goods and services at the most reasonable prices. Our in-house Quality Control (QC) department applies stern quality checks to ensure that only the best quality products are offered to the customers.

It is our constant endeavour to offer our customers the latest technologies being developed worldwide on a regular basis. Our Research and Development (R&D) Department is up to this task in innovating as well as monitoring the latest developments in the field of technology and testing and customizing them to come out with the most suitable products and services for the market. There are intense studies done in regard to consumer behavior, purchase patterns, market trends and price preference so as to mete out the requirements of the consumers to the maximum extent.

At Techcom, we believe that Human Resource is the most important and vital resource that the company has and we make all efforts to make the work environment as conducive as possible for the overall development of all employees.

We stride forward for a better tomorrow with the best technology and innovative product for our customers. We adopt the highest values of business ethics and work environment for our employees and for our associates.

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